Shorts Program 2

By 33rd Boston Film Festival (other events)

Sunday, September 24 2017 6:00 PM 7:30 PM EDT

Inside I’m Racing(18.00) Director: Aleksander Szeser
A young autistic boy fascinated with motor sport unexpectedly finds a chance to put his passion to the test.

The Bench(5.00) Director: Cameron Burnett
There is more than meets the eye in this random encounter on a park bench.

Serenity(16.00) Director: Heather Tom
In a story that confronts the voraciousness of the American opioid epidemic, one man recounts his tale of addiction, recovery and regret during a Narcotics Anonymous meeting that is anything but ordinary.

Monday(18.00) Director: Dinh Thai
“What can I get you?” That’s the question driving a conflicted young hustler who sells everything and anything to make money. As he ‘code-switches’ through various cliques, he’s forced to confront racism as well as the immorality of his occupation. It’s only Monday.

Jonah(13.00) Director: Michael Maschina
Jonah tells the dramatic story of two lorries with syrian refugees in 2015 and jewish refugees in 1943 hidden inside its Interieur. Two women give us the frame of the plot providing the fable of Jonah and the Whale: a story which is common to both the Jewish and the Islamic culture

Pilgrimage(16.00) Director: Qunio Nozawa
Dealing with the death of her estranged mother, Masumi follows clues left by the departed that may lead to the answer she seeks; “why did she give birth to me?”

Game(15.00) Director: Jeannie Donohoe
AJ Green, a new kid in town, shows up at the high school boys basketball varsity tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Coach takes notice, and so do the other players, some of whom feel threatened by the new blood. The school’s team is excellent—second best in the state—and this is the year Coach plans to win it all. AJ proves himself on the court and clearly has talent, heart, and drive… as well as a big secret. Will AJ make the team once the players and coach discover the truth?