Crash Pad

By 33rd Boston Film Festival (other events)

Sunday, September 24 2017 7:15 PM 8:46 PM EDT


(91 min) Director: Kevin Tent Producers: William Horberg, Alexander Payne Screenwriter: Jeremy Catalino (NH native) Composer: Rolfe Kent  (Golden Globe nom for Sideways) Stars: Christina Applegate, Domhnall Gleeson, Nina Dobrev, Thomas Hayden Church

Synopsis: This smart, laugh-out-loud battle of the sexes finds sentimental slacker & misfit, Stensland (Domhnall Gleeson) caught in a love triangle between Morgan (Christina Applegate) and her alpha male husband (Thomas Haden Church). What starts out as a one night stand leads to broken hearts, blackmail, revenge and drunken debauchery as Grady moves into Stensland’s apartment and takes over his life. In order to survive Stensland must get this married couple back together again