26th Boston Film Festival - 3rd Shift: Michael's Lament

By 33rd Boston Film Festival (other events)

Monday, September 20 2010 3:00 PM 4:30 PM EDT
Starring: Marc Vos,Ally Tully,Gianna Simone,Franz Strassmann,Shelly Whittle,Anny Rosario,Eric Eastman,Liz Eng,Torie Nugent,Michael Reed,Nicole Trychon,Cory Rasmussen,Saba Barghout,Kachina Dechert,Darin Demagistris,Steve Rosen,Robert 'DESI' Desiderio

Director: Christopher Grace

3rd Shift: Michael's Lament is a film about a young man named Michael who battles his inner nature and instincts and tries to live a somewhat normal life in a dark and turbulent world. The story revolves around his view on his world and the relationships with the people he works with. He is a loner and a mystery to anyone that knows him. This story takes place over 3 nights of Michael's dark and mysterious life.

Runtime: 1:25

No Cameras